The Best Cars for Your Weekend Trip

Going out with friends and families for a long car ride is one of the best ways to spend the weekend, but choosing the right car is almost as important as choosing the right destination or activity. Finding the right vehicle via rental24h can be defined by many factors, namely:

– Number of passengers

– Amount of things to carry

– Type of terrain

– Cost

Here are the things that you have to consider when going to rental24h and selecting the right kind of trip for your weekend getaway.

Number of Passengers

If you are going away with a girlfriend or wife, or if you are with small children, then having an intimately spaced vehicle is the way to go. A sedan can comfortably sit four people, five if three of them are small children. For four adults, then a mini-SUV is the way to go. A smaller vehicle is also easier to handle so you can generally get through traffic faster.

On the other hand, for groups of six or larger, then pick a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or a mini-van. These types of vehicles can carry even up to eight or more people, if there are no or minimal luggage involved.

Amount of Baggage

For smaller amounts of luggage, an SUV can comfortably carry equipment goof for a day or two for as long as there are only about four to five passengers. Mini-vans can also accommodate a large number of equipment such as hiking bags even if passenger capacity is reached. For extremely large or bulky luggage that may not fit in standard vehicles, then it is recommended that a pickup be acquired. Pickups can accommodate up to five people as well as lug heavy and large stuff on the flatbed.

Type of Terrain

For highway driving, any type of vehicle will do although sedans, mini-SUVs, and SUVs will be able to get greater advantages due to cruising abilities as well as reduced fuel consumption. For rough terrain, it is recommended to get an SUV or a pickup truck that has a higher displacement engine so that they will have more power under the hood to get you through steep inclines. Worst case scenario, get a 4 x 4 variant if possible if you expect rough and uneven surfaces on the roads ahead.


Logically speaking, a smaller vehicle will cost less while larger vehicles will cost more. However, the brand and model year of the vehicle will also be taken into consideration. Payments will also be on a per day basis, so consider that when estimating your transportation budget for the trip. As such, you must really look at your options at rental24h to get the right vehicle for your needs while still keeping within your budget.